A blessing in disguise

As heartbreaking as the current out-of-control situation with abortion on demand is in this country, if we look closely enough, we can see a silver lining. 

Let’s take a look at the debate over the Pregnancy Non-Discrimination Act (PRENDA), which would have banned sex-selection abortions. The measure was defeated in the U.S. House by a vote of 246-168. If we are really about women’s rights, isn’t it a positive effort to protect women in all stages of life, starting with baby girls in the womb, particularly if sex-selection is becoming a real issue? The bill would have also protected pregnant women from being coerced into the abortion. For those who insist on hiding behind the “pro-choice” banner, isn’t it a good thing to make sure that the women are really “choosing” an abortion rather than being pressured into the decision? 

Behind the scenes, the answer to those questions for abortion proponents is and always has been a big “no.” Those who voice opposition, specifically the country’s largest abortion provider Planned Parenthood, have been able, until recently, to fool the public into believing their position on abortion was one of “safe, legal and rare.” Abortion was a necessary evil; an option they insisted that must be kept open for women who might find themselves in a “crisis” situation. Some would even claim they were offended by the “pro-abortion” label because that label would infer they believed abortion was fine for any reason. For public relations sake, they kept the charade going, and, up until now, the “safe, legal and rare” routine was pretty successful. 

While PRENDA may have failed, the bill was debated and voted on during the same week that Lila Rose and her team at Live Action released some shocking undercover videos. The videos show chilling conversations between Planned Parenthood counselors and a woman purporting to be pregnant. The young woman claims she is inquiring about an abortion solely on sex selection. She and her husband have a girl already and want a boy. The Planned Parenthood employees said “they don’t judge” why a woman chooses abortion and in both cases explain how to obtain the testing needed to determine the sex of the baby. One worker goes as far as scheduling an abortion, “just in case” the child turns out to be a girl. 

As Live Action explains on its website, Planned Parenthood put out a statement in April insisting they are against such types of abortions. But in addition to the undercover videos, Planned Parenthood also went on the record very loudly and clearly during the latest debate that they were strongly against PRENDA because it was an attack on “women’s rights” and would interfere with a “private medical decision.” 

Earlier this year, Planned Parenthood proved what a big bad bully it really is when it conducted an all-out publicity assault on the Susan G. Komen Foundation because of Komen’s plans, which were soon canceled, to cut financial relationships with the abortion provider. The world was made aware of connections between the two groups along with the tactics Planned Parenthood will use to get what it wants.  

Their actions are having an impact. A Gallup poll released in late May shows Americans who identify themselves as pro-choice has hit an all-time low of 41 percent and those identifying as pro-life now stands at 50 percent. Gallup suggested the recent negative publicity could be tied to the new numbers. Call them silver linings or blessings in disguise, but the jig is up and Planned Parenthood’s iron-clad armor is finally starting to crack. 

Teresa Tomeo is the host of “Catholic Connection,” produced by Ave Maria Radio and heard daily on EWTN Global Catholic Radio and Sirius Channel 130.