Look around your parish this season, and you’re likely to see the “elect,” those people who will become full members of the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil. Father Richard Hilgartner, assistant director of the Secretariat of Divine Worship at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, offers 10 suggestions for making the elect feel like they’re part of the family: 

1. Pray for the elect. 

2. Listen, because the journey of those in RCIA can be an example for all. 

3. Participate in RCIA rituals, such as the scrutinies. 

4. Attend the Easter Vigil. 

5. Have a welcoming spirit. 

6. Be a witness of what Christ is doing in your life.  

7. Invite a friend or neighbor to Mass. 

8. Get involved in the RCIA process. 

9. Remember we are all called to ongoing conversion. 

10. Know that mystagogy, when new members reflect on their encounter with Christ in the sacraments, is for all.