Having the courage to be a good father

From the creators of the popular Christian movies “Fireproof” and “Facing the Giants” comes a new movie that challenges fathers to “don’t ever let go of the wheel.” 

“Courageous,” the latest release from Sherwood Pictures, will be released Sept. 30. Set in Albany, Ga., the film follows five men — police officers Adam, Nathan, Shane, David and their friend Javier — each of whom struggles to provide spiritual leadership, material goods or just simply time for their loved ones. Adam (Alex Kendrick), for example, loves his children very much, but appears to put his duties on the police force ahead of them. Shane is a divorced dad with limited involvement in his son’s life, while David is a seemingly carefree single guy harboring a secret. 

After tragedy strikes Adam’s family, each of the five men signs a resolution that challenges them to be a “spiritual leader of the home.” 

Though “Courageous” lacks the slickness of a Hollywood production, it is a solidly directed film that — despite cliches and an unconvincing gang subplot — provides emotional uplift as it explores what it takes to be a truly good father.