Inner-city Catholic schools need to focus

Re: “Catholic schools key to inner cities” (Culture, Aug. 17).

Why should Catholic parish schools be so important to inner cities? Our government, by its laws, tries to inhibit freedom of religion, but on the other hand appreciates Catholic schools educating inner-city kids.

But why don’t our Catholic schools concentrate on putting out better Catholics — those students who will know and love our religion?

Let’s have the government educate our kids according to their standards and have Catholic schools be Catholic.

Craig Galik, Duquesne, Pennsylvania

Legalized marijuana

Re: “Panel group warns of marijuana’s dangers” (News Analysis, Aug. 10).

Thank you for sounding a clear warning about the dangers of marijuana. As Christians, our moral decisions are guided by God’s word, not by the will of the majority.

I lived for 25 years in a neighborhood with many drug users and often heard them describe the thoughts and voices they could not get rid of. Some even spoke of a “little man” who made them do things they didn’t want to intend to do.

Perhaps only God’s final judgment will reveal how many cases of “mental illness” are the direct result of demonic oppression acquired through the use of mind-altering drugs. God’s laws are laws of love from the heart of a Father who wants to spare his children this anguish. It is a torment which only the power of Christ can heal.

Margret Meyer, Jacksonville, Florida

Don’t rain on my parade! I am a flower child of the Peace and Love Generation. My moral compass tells me it is perfectly all right for me to get high, in fact it is a good thing! I should not be stopped if 10 percent of users will become addicted. Find another way to help them. God wants us to do the right thing even when it isn’t easy.

I am now a senior citizen, and I deserve to get high. I deserve to sing the blues. It makes me feel good! I’ve suffered so much and should not be denied this!

Bobby Cook, Glen Ridge, New Jersey

End illegal immigration

Re: “Teaching on immigrants” (Letters to the Editor, Aug. 10).

Julio Ventura egregiously errs in his letter concerning the invasion of illegal immigrants across our southern border. His most serious error is his failure to distinguish illegal and legal immigrants.

Americans have been exceedingly faithful in “the duty of welcoming refugees and immigrants”; on average, we welcome approximately 2 million new immigrants into our country every year, far outpacing any other country in the world. These people have obeyed our immigration laws (which do not have racial or ethnic quotas) thus showing respect for our laws and customs, a requirement which the Catechism of the Catholic Church directly places upon immigrants (No. 2241). Contrarily, illegal immigrants, by breaking our immigration laws, have not demonstrated the respect that the Catechism commands.

The truly just and Catholic answer to illegal immigration is to end it.

Nathan Stone, Cosby, Missouri

Mother Olga

Re: “Conflict in Iraq gives nun mission of peace” (Faith, July 27).

Thank you for your beautiful article about Mother Olga. I had the blessing to meet her a few years ago when she was a speaker at the annual Springfield, Massachusetts, Diocesan Catholic Women’s Conference.

My heart was hurting. I went up to her to welcome her to Springfield, and she spontaneously took me in her arms and gave me the biggest hug. I truly felt it was Jesus comforting me through her.

She is the love of Jesus personified. I feel extremely blessed to having been hugged by such a beautiful person. It was a gift I never expected and will remember for the rest of my days. I like thinking that I have been hugged by a living saint.

Jackie Mashia, Chicopee, Massachusetts
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