War on common sense

Isn’t it funny that before the introduction of the Department of Health and Human Service’s mandate requiring employers to provide coverage for contraception, sterilization and abortifacients, no one was talking about how women were under siege by crazed conservatives through an alleged “war on women”? But over the last few months, since Catholics and others began to speak out against the mandate, we are public enemy No. 1. Pro-abortion forces, with the help of abortion-friendly media, are doing their best to whip a lot of badly informed and gullible folks into a frenzy by claiming that fighting the mandate is akin to enslaving women. 

One of the more ridiculous propaganda pieces being pushed on the public comes from Women’s Health magazine, which is going gang busters in attacking anyone who dares to disagree with all employers providing free contraception. The publication’s pro-birth control propaganda is being labeled an “in-depth story” on “the future of birth control availability.” This “report” includes a number of articles with dramatic and totally alarmists headlines such as “Are Your Birth Control Rights Endangered?” The special website does its best to grab the reader encouraging them to learn how their choices are “endangered” and insists they must take action because those choices are about to become “extinct.” 

Did I miss something here? Last time I checked, the Catholic Church and a number of Christian colleges and private employers opposing the mandate aren’t running around grabbing all the birth control items from drugstore shelves. Nor are they breaking into doctors’ offices and threatening physicians at gun point, demanding they stop prescribing the pill and other methods of artificial contraception. That, however, is exactly what Women’s Health and other media outlets, along with the Planned Parenthood types, want you to believe. 

Well, there is a “war on women” as well as a war on sanity, with neither of those battles being waged by those speaking out against the HHS mandate. The entities challenging the latest government intrusion and attacks on religious freedoms didn’t provide birth control coverage before and they don’t want to be forced to pay for it now or in the future. So where were all of these “war on women” warriors before the announcement of the mandate? Granted, abortion supporters have always been very aggressive about access to contraception and abortion on demand. However this “war” didn’t come over the horizon until the bishops, Catholic laity and other concerned Christians started speaking up. That’s when the spin doctors went to town and literally created the “war on women” or the “war on women’s health.”  

Not that getting rid of contraception altogether is a bad idea. Just look around at the epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases, other health risks, broken relationships, the number of abortions, along with the objectification of women, and it’s easy to see, if we open our eyes, the wisdom of the Catholic Church. But that’s not up for debate right now, despite what the generals leading the “war on women” want us to think. What is really going on is again a war on common sense. 

The HHS mandate is not about women’s health. It is in the end about getting employers and frankly everyone else for that matter, regardless of their belief system to pay for, accept, embrace and endorse a certain type of lifestyle; a lifestyle that gives people license to do what they want sexually with whomever regardless of the moral, societal or financial implications. 

Teresa Tomeo is the host of “Catholic Connection,” produced by Ave Maria Radio and heard daily on EWTN Global Catholic Radio and Sirius Channel 130.