The Vatican publishing house has given new life to the long-standing debate: Are Macs (and iPhones and iPads) Catholic, and PCs (and Android phones, etc.) Protestant? 

Spend some time online researching the question, and you’ll see that more than a handful of Catholics have weighed in with some religious fervor. 

The nub of the debate is, in the words of Catholic journalist David Gibson, “whether Apple’s technology represents a Reformation sensibility or in fact is a return to an older, more organic Catholic sensibility.” 

Those in the “Mac is Catholic” camp feel vindication of a sort in the Libreria Editrice Vaticana’s new partnership with Apple, which helped the Vatican publisher produce a series of Pope Benedict XVI’s weekly general audience texts with fine art illustrations. 

“This was a deliberate and strategic choice as sooner or later the electronic format would have become necessary; we made it happen by joining forces with Apple, which helped us produce the Holy Father’s illustrated catechesis,” Vatican publishing director Father Giuseppe Costa told an Italian Catholic news site.