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July 22, 2012

A primer for disillusioned Catholics

A primer for disillusioned Catholics A Church leader, pastor or friend can be revealed to have serious flaws; all the more ...

Archbishop Chaput on religious liberty Archbishop challenges U.S. Catholics: ‘Are you a source of freedom in world?’

Determining the top candidates for papacy

Determining the top candidates for papacy A look at likely papabili in next conclave, as well as those who could be key in ...

Discovering the many benefits of NFP Husband and wife saw improvements to health, faith life and love life after making the ...

Do’s and don’ts of sharing NFP Sharing love of NFP with the world

Editorial: Significant revision The original seven-sentence exhibit text dedicated to Pope Pius XII presented a ...

Father-son journey of discovery Film charts pair’s canoe voyage following in path of Marquette and Joliet

Gift of religious liberty

Gift of religious liberty Scripture readings make clear that we shouldn’t take our freedoms for granted but be ...

Keeping the faith during Colorado wildfires A pictorial look at how Catholics are coping amid the destruction from the Colorado ...

Letters to the Editor for July 22, 2012 Marriage, religious freedom, morning-after-pill, and families

NFP Know-How

NFP Know-How With apps, blogs and programmed alarm clocks, more and more Catholic women are ...

Road trips, heat stroke and detecting the hand of God

Road trips, heat stroke and detecting the hand of God Sometimes the hand of God working in your life is pretty difficult to miss.

Saints in sanctuary

Saints in sanctuary Altar, ambo, crucifix should be church’s main focus, but having an image of parish ...

Opening the Word: Spiritual restoration

Opening the Word: Spiritual restoration Even those who have been sent forth as Christ’s disciples need time spent in solitude ...

The election is messy

The election is messy As November approaches, election rhetoric will intensify, but let’s remember to be ...

Top 10 reasons to use NFP Reasons to use natural family planning.

Top 5 NFP Happenings Natural family planning

Why are there so many NFP methods? It can definitely seem overwhelming when you are first trying to decide on what method ...

Pope Francis' Encyclical Laudato Si'

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