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March 13, 2011

Answer: Heart and soul

Answer: Heart and soul Question: What’s man have that Watson doesn’t?

Catholic piracy victims loved spreading God's Word Couple knew risks, friends say, but died doing what they loved — sailing and bringing ...

Catholic University law students fight Baltimore law targeting pro-life centers Students and professors helped persuade judge that Baltimore city ordinance is ...

Dublin archbishop asks for forgiveness from survivors In penance service, he praises those who broke the silence and challenged Irish Church ...

Editorial: Secular expectations "There is a difficult path to tread between fundamentalism and a lack of courage."

Explore Rome's underground sacred spaces Beneath the city streets of the world’s Christian capital lie ancient hidden histories ...

Would Pope Benedict see media as Charlie Sheen's enablers?

Would Pope Benedict see media as Charlie Sheen's enablers? Pope Benedict XVI gave a talk last month about the lights and shadows of modern means ...

Letters to the Editor for March 13, 2011 Roman Missal changes, blessing of children, CHA, abortion, and parenting

Sharing the Communion cup

Sharing the Communion cup Although it may sound unsanitary, as Catholics we understand Eucharist as a communal ...

Encountering grace through confession

Encountering grace through confession Returning to Sacrament of Penance, columnist recalls rediscovering the joy of God’s ...

Opening the Word: Tested and tried

Opening the Word: Tested and tried Christ’s triumphs over temptation in the desert and the garden led to the cross — our ...

What Catholics need to know about making their homes a domestic church How parents can make their families ‘islands of Christian life’


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