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December 26, 2010

5 Reasons to Be a Practicing Catholic

Opening the Word: An exemplary family

Opening the Word: An exemplary family Jesus, Mary and Joseph model for us how families should fulfill mission of guarding ...

Catholic Church: Is it the 'greatest force for evil?' Some find it easy to demonize the ‘institutional’ Church. Why the hate is wrong and ...

China forces meeting of 'patriotic' Church After years of openness, the Chinese government reasserting control over country’s ...

Desperate plea for chaplains to serve Catholic soldiers This Christmas, many Catholics in uniform won’t have access to the sacraments. Why ...

Editorial: Simple duty: Reaching underserved Catholics in the military ‘Is this simply a question of lack of sensitivity or, indeed, of discrimination?’

Good news: Pennsylvania doctor dedicated his life to caring for littlest ones For six decades, he provided tireless care inspired by love of Christ and Church

How mistreated saints stayed true to the Church Meet three figures who endured abuse, torture and even death at the hands of Church ...

Recovering the Faith Whether they just drifted away or left because of a hurt, Catholics who no longer ...

Letters to the Editor for December 26, 2010 Pope Benedict XVI, condoms, DREAM act, and death row

Creation confusion

Creation confusion The creation stories in Genesis are not scientific but symbolic literature, which ...

Catholic conundrum

Catholic conundrum The trend of ‘shopping around’ for a parish has led to many sliding in their Mass ...

Broken bones turn into Christmas blessing

Broken bones turn into Christmas blessing Husband’s accident forces columnist to practice what she preaches about Advent and ...

Wikileaks: ‘Secret’ cables reveal communication on Vatican

Wikileaks: ‘Secret’ cables reveal communication on Vatican The Wikileaks/U.S. diplomatic dispatch controversy has made it to the Vatican

Pope Francis' Encyclical Laudato Si'

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