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July 11, 2010

Letters to the Editor for July 11, 2010 Deacons, clergy sex abuse, crime, and violence

No right to a blind eye

No right to a blind eye To be true disciples, we must overcome ignorance and do what we can to lift the ...

Healing the hole in the Gulf — and in our hearts Through our need to acquire, we have demeaned humanity and nature alike; only by ...

What every Catholic needs to know about Church authority Rediscovering the benefits and beauty of one of the most mistrusted aspects of the Church

Catholics in Gulf of Mexico anticipate slow recovery Town mourns loss of way of life as Church provides vouchers, counseling to lessen ...

Editorial: Fighting childhood poverty The erosion of marriage as an institution disproportionately affects children and ...

Going after the pope

Going after the pope Pew study on clergy sex abuse scandal finds media coverage of pontiff has been ‘toxic’ ...

Lessons of Mother Teresa’s Kolkata Making a gift of self brings a joy that wealth and security could never provide

Are we ready to die rather than not celebrate the Mass?

Are we ready to die rather than not celebrate the Mass? Reflecting on the martyrs and their joyful sacrifice is a healthy spiritual tonic

Opening the Word: Heart of the matter

Opening the Word: Heart of the matter Without a heart seeking after God, religious practice becomes fearful, selfish and ...

What not to wear — clerical edition Many examples of bad vestments

Mystery’s meaning

Mystery’s meaning In the Mass and sacraments, Christ’s saving death, resurrection and glorification are ...

Performer stages Mother Teresa's message Actress spotlights those to whom the holy woman ministered — the poor and the downtrodden

Stemming the rising tide of child poverty Better societal awareness, more parental involvement seen as ways to improve ...

Strengthening the signal of Catholic radio With more listeners tuning in, Catholic radio stations are turning up the volume


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