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June 6, 2010

A question for Kagan

A question for Kagan What does she think of natural law? Answer would tell much about state of ...

No Protestant justices?

No Protestant justices? Elena Kagan’s confirmation would remake the Supreme Court — but not end anti-Catholic ...

Creating wealth to glorify God

Creating wealth to glorify God Bible and Catechism make it clear that we are to be fruitful; the challenge is to ...

Ecumenism, synod at top of pope’s agenda in Cyprus The pontiff will introduce working papers for upcoming assembly of Middle East bishops

Editorial: Welcome, Fathers It has always taken a certain amount of heroism to voluntarily accept a life of ...

Heeding the Call Meet some of the Church's newest priests

Letters to the Editor for June 6, 2010 Immigration, prison ministry, and contraception

Movement’s impact lasts far beyond 40 days What was once a local campaign of prayer, fasting to end abortion has saved babies' ...

Murdered for the Faith Recalling the 1921 slayings of Father James Coyle, who fell victim to the virulent ...

Climbing into the shoes of an awful moral dilemma

Climbing into the shoes of an awful moral dilemma All human lives are of equal value and dignity, and must be vigorously protected

Opening the Word: Found and fed

Opening the Word: Found and fed Receiving Eucharist is participation in sacrifice, which nourishes our deep longing ...

Film about monks wins Cannes prize French film depicting the sacrifices of a group of Cistercian monks wins Grand Prix honor

Female deacons?

Female deacons? They served in early Church, but role would have to be better understood before being ...

Sister's abortion approval draws automatic excommunication Nun who was hospital administrator believed saving mother's life justified killing of ...

Summer program shows young men the way to priesthood Quo Vadis Days camps offer recreation and a close-up look at priestly life


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