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May 9, 2010

‘Not to have charity is not to know your Catholic religion’

‘Not to have charity is not to know your Catholic religion’ Charity and its practice are absolutely essential to the Catholic faith

Abortion in health care debate moves to states More than a dozen state legislatures are moving to opt out of government funding for ...

Editorial: Loaded dice We Catholics are challenged to look beyond what enriches only us.

Opening the Word: Gift of assistance

Opening the Word: Gift of assistance The Holy Spirit is sent to reside in all who belong to Christ, strengthening and ...

Letters to the Editor for May 9, 2010

Night takes bishop

Night takes bishop If we are to trust the men who are to lead us out of this crisis, there must be zero ...

Not-so-hidden agenda

Not-so-hidden agenda Critics exploit tragedy of child sex abuse to score points against Church teachings ...

Nuclear threat not a ‘blast from past’ Recent efforts at nonproliferation are in step with Church’s longtime stance

E.T., don't phone home Celebrated astrophysicist Stephen Hawking wants us to beware of life on other planets.

Pontiff journeys to site of Fátima apparitions During Portuguese visit, Pope Benedict XVI will encounter a culture with deep ties to ...

Sacraments: Dispensing Divine Life Catholic sacraments: What they are, what they’re for, where they come from and what ...

Supporting Catholic Moms

Supporting Catholic Moms In time for Mother’s Day, two new books share wisdom with harried modern moms

Understanding final judgment

Understanding final judgment We are each judged at the end of our lives, but the Last Judgment refers to God ...

Viewing scandal from biblical lens

Viewing scandal from biblical lens Scriptures teach us about man’s fallen nature, the enemies of the Church and how God ...

Pope Francis' Encyclical Laudato Si'

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