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April 18, 2010

A papal visit to Malta, Europe's 'most Catholic' country Faith came to Mediterranean island of Malta when St. Paul was shipwrecked there 1,950 ...

Catholic high school programs: School's in for summer Catholic colleges give high schoolers a foretaste of scholarly life — with a bit of ...

Communion in prison

Communion in prison Inmates can serve as extraordinary ministers ­—if they are repentant and strive to be ...

Confess use of artificial contraception

Confess use of artificial contraception Too many Catholics — and priests — dance around the issue of birth control. Time for ...

Opening the Word: Scriptural evidence of Church Structure

Opening the Word: Scriptural evidence of Church Structure Today’s Gospel reading clearly shows establishment of the Church’s structure and ...

Springing ourselves from television

Springing ourselves from television Why we should worry about a new study reporting an increase in media multitasking ...

Decoding accusations against Pope Benedict A veteran Vatican watcher describes culture of clerical sex abuse, reporting

Editorial: Clearing up abuse confusion While the past is impossible to defend, the present is a different story.

Letters to the Editor for April 18, 2010

Medical doctors volunteer their services in Haiti On a return trip to the country after the earthquake, one group of Notre Dame alumni ...

How I spent three hours as a Carthusian monk

How I spent three hours as a Carthusian monk Getting a brief taste of the monks' stillness was exhilarating

Trading one type of cell for another BBC News report puts a new spin on the term "prison ministry"

Vatican official plants doubts about GM food While still officially neutral on bioengineered crops, Cardinal Turkson urges caution ...

Pope Francis' Encyclical Laudato Si'

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