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April 11, 2010

A look at unprecedented Medjugorje commission Vatican panel to weigh authenticity of alleged Marian apparitions in Bosnia-Herzegovina

A new twist in the defense of Pope Pius XII’s actions Law professor’s newly revised book presents evidence of a Soviet plot to discredit the ...

A papal apology

A papal apology Despite secular opinion, the pope’s recent letter to the Irish Church proved both ...

The last year of life

The last year of life We don’t receive warning signs 365 days before death or a countdown alerting us to our ...

Do bishops’ new directives burden patients? Recent reports say Catholic hospitals will thwart end-of-life wishes. Not so, say ...

Editorial: Should pope resign? This crisis has always been profoundly spiritual.

Famed 20th-century priest was whistle-blower Boys Town founder exposed mistreatment of Irish children six decades ago

Guide to Catholicism

Guide to Catholicism For those just beginning to navigate the Faith, the Compendium serves as an accessible ...

What Every Catholic Needs to Know about Catholic Marriage What the Church teaches — and doesn’t — about marriage, divorce and annulments

Letters to the Editor for April 11, 2010

Morality - Is it all in our heads? According to new research, magnets have the ability to affect people's sense of right ...

New numbers show big slowdown in U.S. abuse claims

New numbers show big slowdown in U.S. abuse claims We can be heartened that there's marked improvement after years of darkness

Opening the Word: Protection from doubt

Opening the Word: Protection from doubt Worshipping the Lord, hearing the Word of God and receiving the Eucharist guard ...

University's center studies Holocaust from a Catholic perspective Seton Hill tries to enhance relations between Catholic and Jewish faiths


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