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March 14, 2010

Catholic career counselor helps unemployed hear their call It’s not about finding the next position as much as it is figuring out where God wants ...

Cultural propaganda

Cultural propaganda Journalism has fallen prey to the demands of a secular agenda, all but dismissing ...

How parish websites can better connect with Catholics Study finds majority are woefully inadequate. Experts suggest a way forward

What Every Catholic Needs to Know about Church Social Teaching Bringing the love of Jesus Christ to a broken world

Jesus’ descent into hell

Jesus’ descent into hell ‘Hell’ has two meanings in Catholic theology — the place of the damned and where dead ...

Editorial: Keeping Catholic With so many other paths out there claiming to lead to enlightenment and happiness, ...

Letters to the Editor for March 14, 2010

Mexican Church clashes with anti-Catholic politicians Latest skirmish is an attempt by anti-Catholic party to declare the country a lay ...

Southern explosion

Southern explosion Catholicism’s growth not so surprising in a region that still respects churchgoing and ...

Opening the Word: Spiritual vision

Opening the Word: Spiritual vision The blind man healed by Jesus was transformed not only physically, but spiritually ...

What Catholics are doing about widespread joblessness

What Catholics are doing about widespread joblessness One of the most insidious effects, and perpetuating causes, of the economic crunch ...

Why greed may be the deadliest of the Deadlies We are blind to our own covetous ways, pointing the finger at others instead

Pope Francis' Encyclical Laudato Si'

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