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February 7, 2010

Catholic body parts

Catholic body parts The American propensity for self-sorting into like groups has led to impoverished ...

Donohue’s in a league of his own

Donohue’s in a league of his own Longtime Catholic League director

Hierarchy of truths

Hierarchy of truths Church teachings, including ones difficult for us to understand, hinge on the central ...

Opening the Word: Hunger for holiness

Opening the Word: Hunger for holiness It is in emptying ourselves completely before God that he creates within us a hunger ...

If you’re reading this, you actually don’t need to read this

If you’re reading this, you actually don’t need to read this A conscious effort is required to further our formation and growth as Catholics

Windows into heaven

Windows into heaven How the ancient art form of iconography can lead Catholics into a deeper form of prayer

In the face of weakness, strength in the Spirit Diagnosed with the terminal illness commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease, one priest ...

New study by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows disturbing trend

Learning to understand the language of icons Rather than being esoteric, icons 'express the reality of a person's life'

Letters to the Editor for February 7, 2010

Marchers converge on capital to take stand for life They show that promoting the dignity of all life is for people of all ages, abilities ...

More than words

More than words A faithful, silent witness to the Gospel speaks louder to those around us than ...

Protection measures for pontiff under review Brazen Christmas Eve attack raises questions about how safe pope is when he is among ...

Renewing Haiti Dealt a heavy blow from quake, country’s Catholic Church buries its dead, then seeks, ...

Resolve to become better stewards

Resolve to become better stewards Follow these steps to make 2010 the year to reach your financial objectives

Editorial: The true story We embrace our “alternative” role, which is important both for our democracy and our ...

Pope Francis' Encyclical Laudato Si'

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