Postcard from Ireland

Postcard from Ireland While a more secularist population has emerged in a country once staunchly Catholic, ...

Irish government to reopen Vatican Embassy

Irish government to reopen Vatican Embassy After closing it in 2011, Prime Minister Enda Kenny says Pope Francis factors into ...

Dublin archbishop asks for forgiveness from survivors In penance service, he praises those who broke the silence and challenged Irish Church ...

Editorial: Secular expectations "There is a difficult path to tread between fundamentalism and a lack of courage."

Pope: Rigorous spiritual makeover for Ireland Papal 'sense of betrayal' by sex abuse and cover-up in Ireland's Church; his plan for ...

Hume hopes for peace a decade after accord Catholics and Protestants still undergoing healing after Good Friday Agreement

Clearing the way for the 'New Ireland' The archbishop of Dublin hopes to rebuild a sense of belonging in country's Catholics ...

'Land of saints' now a 'land of stocks' Ireland has a history of a strong Church, but as secularization moves in, faith moves out.

Savannah's Catholic past

Savannah's Catholic past Irish immigrants were welcomed by Church; today we have new immigrants to welcome

Visiting purgatory in Ireland Catholics have sought spiritual renewal for centuries by making pilgrimages to Lough ...

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