Saint John Paul II’s ways of Divine Mercy

Divine Mercy: The Easter Gift Pope John Paul II's Homily on the first universal celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday, 2001

Excerpt from Faustina: Apostle of Divine Mercy

Divine Mercy Sunday (Second Sunday of Easter)

Blessed are the merciful

Blessed are the merciful A cornerstone of the Catholic Faith, mercy has spiritual benefits for both the giver ...

Catholics find practice of mercy enriching

Catholics find practice of mercy enriching But because mercy also requires great humility, faithful discover that it can be ...

Sampling of Shrines

Sampling of Shrines Sampling of shrines and beloved journeys

Lent and Easter

Lent and Easter Everything you've always wanted to know about the greatest and oldest Christian feast

Divine Mercy Sunday What are the origins of this great solemnity?

Faith keeps survivor of Flight 1549 afloat North Carolina man who prayed the Divine Mercy chaplet during crash-landing on Hudson ...