Nativity of the Virgin Mary

Nativity of the Virgin Mary Another gift preceded God’s gift of His Son

The Assumption

The Assumption Its historicity and relevance today

Mary’s Firstborn

Mary’s Firstborn Who are the brothers of the Lord?

Ecumenical Dialogue on the Blessed Virgin Mary It should be made clear that because God honored Mary does not mean that she supplants ...

Rejoice in life

Rejoice in life Since the angel appeared to Mary, Christians have been called to rejoice in ...

The Assumption

The Assumption A logical implication of foundational Christian truths

Don't Catholics Worship Mary?

Don't Catholics Worship Mary? There is something about Mary that drives many fundamentalists and some evangelicals nuts.

Mary Is the Mother of God

Meditating on Mary

Meditating on Mary In 1987, Pope John Paul II released his landmark encyclical on the Blessed Mother. Why ...

Opening the Word: Truly Mother of God

Opening the Word: Truly Mother of God Through God’s grace and blessing and Mary’s heartfelt faith, she truly is the Blessed ...


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