Catholic Witness

Catholic Witness Jesus sent them to the world, and in the Lord’s name they extended the Church far and wide

Doubting of Thomas

Doubting of Thomas The faith of St. Thomas and Caravaggio

Matthew 14:22-36

Matthew 14:22-36 The reasons for faith in Jesus

A God Unknown

A God Unknown How can we better understand the Holy Spirit?

Our Important Pursuit

Our Important Pursuit Homily Background for Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year B

Have You Accepted Jesus?

Have You Accepted Jesus? Homily Background for August 9, 2015 - Year B

Vision of What God Offers

Vision of What God Offers Homily Background for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Year B

Ultimate Act of Wisdom

Ultimate Act of Wisdom Homily Background for the Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year B

Run or Stay on First?

Run or Stay on First? Homily Background for the Twenty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year B

Make the Connection

Make the Connection Homily Background for the Twenty-Second Sunday of Ordinary Time - Year B



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