A Feel-Good Religion

A Feel-Good Religion Homily Background for Pentecost Sunday - Year A

Jesus and the Rich

Jesus and the Rich Revisiting His condemnation of them

Post-abortive Ministry

Post-abortive Ministry The woman at Simon the Pharisee’s house

Loyal to Christ

Loyal to Christ Homily Background for Sts. Peter and Paul, Apostles - Year A

Listening to the Unchurched

Listening to the Unchurched Attitude changes needed in evangelization

Coming to Know God

Coming to Know God Homily Background for Seventh Sunday of Easter - Year A

The Parish Paradigm

The Parish Paradigm Parish registration a digression from early Church community?

Priest as Evangelizer

Priest as Evangelizer In baptism and the rite of funerals

A Mystery to Be Solved

A Mystery to Be Solved Homily Background for the Most Holy Trinity - Year A

Making Couples Missionary

Making Couples Missionary Make human and Christian values present and visible

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