Timing of the Passion

Timing of the Passion A few things factor into why John’s Gospel is at odds with others on the day of ...

Celibacy vs. chastity?

Celibacy vs. chastity? Celibacy is a state of refraining from all sexual acts, while chastity is a virtue ...

The virtue of virginity

The virtue of virginity Staying chaste is abnormal in our hedonistic culture, but we would be better off if ...

Seminaries get it right

Seminaries get it right Church’s focus on getting students to understand psychology of celibacy has yielded ...

Thoughts About Celibacy

Thoughts About Celibacy Celibacy is a promise made before ordination

What Priesthood has Taught Me

What Priesthood has Taught Me The only way to survive is to spend time with the One

Pope Francis' Encyclical Laudato Si'