Mass Readings: 1 Corinthians 3:18-23/Luke 5:1-11

Fear Not

Last year was a tough one for me. I walked with my closest friend during the final months of her life on earth, saying our last goodbyes to one another in July. Immediately after, my father’s declining health hit a crisis point, then another. Taking care of him demanded all my time, energy and attention. (He died in early May of this year.) I understand just how fast life can and does change, and that realization can often be terrifying.

That’s why I picked today’s Gospel story as my personal Scripture verse for 2014. When Jesus asked Peter to cast out into the deep once again, He did so knowing Peter’s disappointment and previous failure. Jesus deliberately asked for Peter’s trust in his most vulnerable area. No matter what my situation, Jesus makes His presence known and reminds me, “Do not be afraid.”

Prayer: My Lord, take away my fear and replace it with confidence in Your Divine Providence.