Mass Readings: Lamentations 2:2,10-14,18-19/Luke 2:41-51

A Mother’s Care

The movie “Home Alone,” which depicted how a crafty young boy outwitted would-be robbers, was a smashing success as a comedy, but the film also showed the consternation of the child’s mother. Her child was missing and she was worried sick. Any mother whose child is missing, for any length of time, suffers greatly. Mary did when Jesus couldn’t be found in their company when the family was returning home to Nazareth from Jerusalem. This episode is traditionally known as the third great sorrow (of seven) Mary endured. Her heart was broken when her son was missing.

Mary’s suffering should place us in solidarity with people who suffer like her, especially the loss of children, to drugs, alcohol, wayward living, or even death. Today let’s pray for these mothers and for their children.

Prayer: Holy Mary, help mothers who are worried, frightened, or grieving.