Mass Readings: Vigil: Jeremiah 1:4-10/1 Peter 1:8-12/Luke 1:5-17; Day: Isaiah 49:1-6/Acts 13:22-26/Luke 1:57-66

Preparing for Christ

John the Baptist had an integral role in Salvation History. John was sent into the world with the specific task to prepare the Jews for the coming of Jesus, the Messiah. Fearlessly and selflessly, he told the Hebrew community to repent in order to be ready for the Christ.

We, the contemporary disciples of Jesus, have a similar task and it’s not any easier than John’s. It may even be more difficult. Our job is to fearlessly and selflessly play a role in preparing the world for the second coming of Jesus, at the end of time. We, too, are called to help prepare the way of the Lord.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, inspire me, like John, to prepare Your way.