Mass Readings: 1 Kings 19:9a,11-16/Matthew 5:27-32

Recognizing the Lord

Where do we look for God? Most can find God in a church or a sacred space, a holy person, or the word of God. Generally we expect to find the Lord in obvious places, but this view is far too limiting. Elijah, I suppose, expected to find God in the strong wind, the earthquake, or the fire. But God was present in the soft whispering sound.

As St. Anthony discovered the presence of God in the poor, so must we seek to find God in every aspect of our life, not simply where we anticipate His presence. God is present in the great and powerful, but the Lord is equally found in the routine and the mundane, in the people and tasks of life we encounter each day. May we recognize God’s presence today.

Prayer: Lord, help me to find You in the people, events, and challenges of this day.