Editor's Notebook — Pope talks to kids; Elizabeth Scalia responds to resignation of Mozilla CEO; Aquinas College responds to Charlotte uproar; and a gift for Prince George.

Good morning. 

Pope Francis gave another interview — this time to kids from Belgium. And it's wonderful.

Pope Francis also met with Queen Elizabeth yesterday and gave her this gift for Prince George. AND he declared three new saints.

Aquinas College, where Nashville Dominican Sister Jane Dominic is assistant professor, has issued a press release in response to the uproar from the Charlotte Catholic High School community following a talk by her on homosexuality. In part, it reads:

"In her presentation, Sister Jane Dominic spoke clearly on matters of faith and morals. Her deviation into realms of sociology and anthropology was beyond the scope of her expertise. Sister is a trained theologian from a Pontifical University and has the credentials to contribute to scholarly bodies of work. This she has done in the past with distinction. The unfortunate events at Charlotte Catholic High School are not representative of the quality of Sister's academic contributions or the positive influence that she has had on her students. The students at Charlotte Catholic were unprepared, as were their parents, for the topic that Sister was asked to deliver. The consequence was a complete misrepresentation of the school's intention to bring a message that would enlighten and bring freedom and peace."

An Islamic group in Syracuse, N.Y., received permission to remove crosses from steeple of empty Catholic church.

Brendan Eich stepped down as CEO of Mozilla yesterday after attracting "negative attention" because of his support of Proposition 8. Elizabeth Scalia responds, and how.

Also just in time for the weekend, get ready for the Fifth Sunday of Lent ahead of time by reading our Scripture commentary from Carl Olson.

Finally, do you have a favorite priest? Now is the time to celebrate him! And you could end up in an upcoming issue of OSV Newsweekly! 

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