Pope First Encyclical
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Pope Emeritus Benedict's First Encyclical: Deus Caritas Est ("God Is Love")

Pamphlet written by Amy Welborn

In this encyclical, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI takes on the question of "what is love?", which is so basic to understanding who we are as disciples of Jesus, and what that means for us in the world. What is love? What kind of life does God's love call us to?

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Saints mentioned in the encyclical

Martin of Tours: (316-397): Bishop of Tours; opposed Arianism and Priscillianism; pioneer of Western monasticism, before St. Benedict; Nov. 11.*
•Anthony the Abbot: (c. 251-c. 354): Abbot; Egyptian hermit; patriarch of all monks; established communities for hermits which became models for monastic life, especially in the East; friend and supporter of St. Athanasius in the latter’s struggle with the Arias; Jan. 17.*
•Francis of Assisi: (Giovanni di Bernardone) (1181/82-1226): Founder of the Franciscans, 1209; received stigmata 1224; canonized 1228; one of best known and best loved saints; patron of Italy, Catholic Action and ecologists; Oct. 4.*
•Vincent de Paul: (1581?-1660): French priest; founder of Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians, Lazarists) and co-founder of Sisters of Charity; declared patron of all charitable organizations and works by Leo XIII; canonized 1737; Sept. 27.*
•Louise de Marillac: (1591-1660): French foundress, with St. Vincent de Paul, of the Sisters of Charity; canonized 1934; Mar. 15.
•John Bosco: (1815-1888): Italian priest; founded Salesians, 1859, for education of boys; cofounder of Daughters of Mary Help of Christians for education of girls; canonized 1934; Jan. 31.*
•Mother Teresa.