10 Ways to Get More out of Advent

To help you ponder the birth of Jesus, here are some meditations, reflections and additional reading to help deepen the meaning of Christmas on a spiritual level.

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Additional Reading for Reflection

December 1 - First Sunday of Advent

Mark 13:33-37 As we begin a new liturgical year and the season of Advent, Jesus tells us in today’s Gospel of the need to be awake and watchful for His coming at the end of time. He compares himself to the head of the house that travels far away. He places his servants in charge of the estate, each with his or her own job, with the admonition, “Do not let him come suddenly and catch you asleep.”

When you are watchful, where do you find God in your everyday life?

December 8 - Second Sunday of Advent

Mark 1:1-8 The beginning of Mark’s Gospel tells us that John the Baptist is the messenger promised by the prophet Isaiah. God sent John to prepare the path for the Messiah. John was popular; people listened to him and were baptized by him.

How do we prepare our lives, our home for God? How can we do that especially during this Advent?

December 15 - Third Sunday of Advent

John 1:6-8,19-28: Today’s Gospel, from John, tells us again that some people misunderstood who John the Baptist was. They thought he was the Messiah or one of the prophets. John reminded them that he was only a “voice of one crying in the desert, ‘Make straight the way of the Lord’”; the Messiah would be coming very soon. John’s role was to be a witness to the light that is Jesus.

Do you think we're supposed to be like John the Baptist?

December 22 - Fourth Sunday of Advent

Luke 1:26-38: This Gospel reading, often called the Annunciation, tells how Mary found out she was going to be the Mother of Jesus. God sent the angel Gabriel to Mary, when she was at home. Mary was going to be married to Joseph, who belonged to the family of King David. Mary did not understand what Gabriel explained to her, but because of her love and faith she accepted, saying, “May it be done to me…”

Do you think it was hard for Mary to say yes? When do you say yes to God?