Opening the Word: Elected and sent

Opening the Word: Elected and sent As Christians, we are chosen by God to receive the gift of his divine life and share ...

Life in the womb

Life in the womb Scripture affirms in multiple passages that God knows us and lovingly forms us before ...

Opening the Word: Unwelcome prophet

Opening the Word: Unwelcome prophet Diminishing divine truth to what is merely sensible or logical is a modern rejection ...

Reading Romans 13

Reading Romans 13 Raised in support of the new immigration policy, this passage is about more than just ...

Delaying the end

Delaying the end The Gospels speak of preconditions for the Second Coming that have not yet occurred in ...

Opening the Word: Outcast no more

Opening the Word: Outcast no more Jesus came to bring everyone into right relationship with God, starting with those on ...

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