Mass Readings: Isaiah 49:8–15/John 5:17–30

Jesus Is God

The Jewish authorities in today’s Gospel accuse Jesus of “making himself equal to God” (Jn 5:18). This, of course, goes against a basic tenet of Judaism that there is only one God. The Jewish authorities were awaiting the Messiah, but did not expect this Messiah to be divine. Had it not been for the development of the doctrine of the Trinity — three Persons in one God — in the early Church, we Christians would rightly be accused of polytheism.

The teachings on the Passion of Our Lord and the Trinity come together in an action Catholics perform frequently, the Sign of the Cross. When we sign ourselves with the symbol of Christ’s death, we also sign ourselves in the name of the Persons of the Trinity. A thought worthy of years of meditation.

Prayer: We praise You, Second Person of the Trinity, for redeeming us on the cross.