Mass Readings: Sirach 47:2-11/Mark 6:14-29

Two Kings

Today’s Old Testament reading is a sort of summary of the thoroughly human life of King David, well lived by the grace of God. It’s the obituary, not merely of a great man, but of somebody who tried his level best to be a saint. Today’s Gospel is the tragic verdict on another king who, like David, committed murder and injustice, but who seems never to have repented or learned anything from it.

The reality is, you and I are going to commit sins all through our lives, just like David did. That’s not what set him apart from Herod. What set him apart from Herod was that, when he did sin, he confessed it, repented, asked for God’s forgiveness, and then picked himself up and tried again. We can be like David, not Herod.

Prayer: Father, help us to have humble, contrite hearts like David, through Christ our Lord.