Being a Christian involves trying to emulate Christ

Re: “Context is key in Francis-Trump ‘dispute’” (News Analysis, March 6).

Why were people upset with the pope calling someone “not a Christian”? A Christian should be a mirror of Christ: humble and have love for all mankind.

Does Donald Trump, with his arrogance, bravado and wealth, mirror a Christian?

Craig Galik, Duquesne, Pennsylvania

Trump comments

Re: “Context is key in Francis-Trump ‘dispute’” (News Analysis, March 6).

We are being called to pray for media of social communication. It doesn’t take much to be misinterpreted. God bless our Pope Francis, who is an excellent example of God’s mercy!

Mary Jane Madeline, via online comment

I feel as though the press made a bigger deal out of it. Our Holy Father, after being told about Trump’s statement, stated that if a person only builds walls and not bridges, he is not Christian; so, that is true of anybody.

Vincent Kreder, via online comment

Revitalization needed

Re: “Four Corners Northeast: A polarized picture of faith” (In Focus, Feb. 21).

Let us look at parish closings. After attending a solemn high Mass, or even a low Mass in Latin, you know that you have been in church. The English language of Vatican II is hardly more than a Methodist Lord’s Supper. I must keep reminding myself that I am in church. And why is the tabernacle not at the center of the altar? If going to church is a meaningless experience, no wonder people don’t go to church.

Catholic schools are being merged. The public school system in the U.S. disintegrated 50 years ago. Americans keep moving around trying to find decent schools. The Catholic schools are the only alternative. Why aren’t Catholic schools bursting with students, and why aren’t new Catholic schools needed to be built? There is a shortage of priests. In school, there was continual talk about vocations, and that did not refer to law or medicine. Why does the Church hide its light under the bushel?

The Church has a weapon. It is called theology. Who is reading “The City of God” by Augustine or the Summa Theologica by Aquinas? The papal encyclicals are the official teaching of the popes. Just try to find a book of the very important encyclicals of Leo XIII. And why are we not being encouraged to read and discuss the works of Joseph Ratzinger or Henri de Lubac?

Marshall Dixon, Indianapolis
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