From How to Make a Good Confession

A different reflection on the 10 Commandments by Rev. Alfred McBride, O.Praem is also available in English (ID#P1359) and in Spanish (ID# P1360). How to Make a Good Confession

Recall your sins. Calmly and honestly ask yourself what you have done with full knowledge and full consent against God and the Church’s commandments.

  • Do I pray to God every day? Have I thanked God for His gifts to me?

  • Did I put my faith in danger through reading material that is hostile to Catholic teachings? Have I been involved in non-Catholic sects? Did I engage in superstitious practices, such as palm-reading or fortune telling?

  • Did I take the name of God in vain? Did I curse, or take a false oath?

  • Did I miss Mass on Sundays or holy days of obligation through my own fault? Am I attentive at Mass? Did I fast and abstain on the prescribed days?

  • Did I disobey my parents or lawful superiors in important matters?

  • Did I hate or quarrel with anyone, or desire revenge? Did I refuse to forgive? Was I disrespectful?

  • Did I get drunk? Did I take illicit drugs? Did I consent to, recommend, advise, or actively take part in an abortion?

  • Did I willfully look at indecent pictures, watch immoral movies, or read immoral books or magazines? Did I engage in impure jokes or conversations? Did I willfully entertain impure thoughts or commit impure acts, alone or with others? Did I use artificial means to prevent conception?

  • Did I steal or damage another’s property? Have I been honest in my business relations?

  • Did I tell lies? Did I sin by gossiping about others? Did I judge others rashly in serious matters?

  • Have I envied other people?

Excerpted from How to Make a Good Confession, by Rev. Kris Stubna, S.T.D., copyright © 2012 Our Sunday Visitor, Inc., all rights reserved.