Cause Begun for Latin American Missionary

The La Crosse diocese has begun formal proceedings for the canonization of Father Joseph Walijewski, born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and a priest of the Diocese of La Crosse ordained in 1950.   

Early in his priesthood, Father Walijewski went to Bolivia and established a parish. Later, Father Joe founded an orphanage in Peru for children without parents or with inadequate care. In all places, he was known for his holiness and his extraordinary priestly charity.    Diocesan officials in La Crosse are confident that his sainthood cause will move ahead, as so many living people still recall him. He died in 2006.

Explaining PTSD

Holy Cross Father Richard Berg, a native of Portland, Oregon, ordained in 1963, has just written a book on post-traumatic stress disorder, Scars (Corby Books). He hopes the book will enable healing.  

For some years, he was a psychology professor at the University of Portland, in Oregon, and also was pastor of Portland’s St. Andre Bessette parish. The book looks at PTSD from several important perspectives, including its impact on marriages and other relationships, personal skills.  

It has been critiqued as quite timely as so many military personnel are now returning from Afghanistan, and so many recently were deployed in Iraq.

Sign of the Cross

The Sign of the Cross so much a part of Catholic piety and a profession of belief both in the Holy Trinity and the Incarnation, dates to Christianity’s earliest centuries. St. Augustine described it many times in his sermons and writings.

Fifty Years Ago

In June 1963, an article in The Priest looked at Catholic education as an investment for the young. Another looked at the new Roman Missal and Breviary. A travel editor for a major daily newspaper advised priests on being chaplains on luxury liners and for pilgrimages.

‘Go In Peace’

O Lord, may the Holy Spirit make us witnesses before the world.