‘Novus Mentis Habitus’

‘Novus Mentis Habitus’ A new way of — thinking, being, serving?

Angels: The Presence of God

Angels: The Presence of God Homily Background for Twenty-sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time — Year C.

Believing in the Resurrection

Believing in the Resurrection And, also, Gold Tested in Fire

Chaos and Pastoral Response

Chaos and Pastoral Response Upheavals from hurricanes, shootings, and terrorism

Last Things for August 2013 Convert First African-American at North American College.

Making Ourselves Gifts to God

Making Ourselves Gifts to God The multiple benefits of serving as a volunteer

Returning to the Sacred

Returning to the Sacred The human spirit senses something greater

That 'Bucket List'

That 'Bucket List' As ministry forms us we learn more about ourselves and our hopes change