Mass Readings: Amos 3:1-8;4:11-12/ Matthew 8:23-27

Freedom from Fear

Today is my older sister’s birthday. Eighteen months older than I am, she was a primary safe spot in my childhood and into adulthood. When we both had measles, her presence made me less miserable. When we moved to a new place, her existence allayed some of my anxieties. I always felt better and safer knowing she was around.

Both Mass readings today hone in on fear. Amos evokes snares and roars and disorder and oppression. Matthew talks of terrified apostles on a rough sea. And both readings convey an abiding belief that faith in God will see us through. We can be as calm as the sleeping Jesus if we stay aware of our indwelling God. Sometimes our very first sense of an abiding God comes by way of family members who protect us.

Prayer: Protector of life, thank You for people who help me turn from fear.