The Father's grief

The Father's grief How God the Father experienced Jesus’ death is a mystery, and not one rooted in human ...

Time of death

Time of death Accounts of the Crucifixion seem to vary, but they do not clash with how the ancient ...

Washing of feet

Washing of feet While there is a tendency to want to modernize the ritual, parishes would do best to ...

A perfect (and saintly) Lenten companion

A perfect (and saintly) Lenten companion Through the eyes of the saints, new book walks with Jesus through the Stations of the ...

Clothed on the cross?

Clothed on the cross? Jewish and Roman customs make it seem unlikely that Christ was wholly naked during his ...

Warning to Jerusalem

Warning to Jerusalem In comparing himself to green wood during his passion, Jesus laments the city’s future ...

Christ's passion to be retold in live musical broadcast from New Orleans

Christ's passion to be retold in live musical broadcast from New Orleans



What was the Sanhedrin?

What was the Sanhedrin? A closer look at the ancient Jewish governing body and its role in the passion and ...

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