How to Close an Abortion Clinic?

Q. I remember reading a few years ago that women were being steered away from abortion by giving them a blessed rosary. I’m wondering if there has ever been an attempt to sprinkle holy water or blessed salt, or planting blessed items at an abortion clinic. Because of the evil of abortion, this would seem to be a wonderful way to cleanse the area, especially when accompanied by prayer and fasting. Would appreciate any comments.

A. Here is a reply from Father Francis Hoffman, J.C.D.:

Using rosaries, blessed items and sacramentals to close down an abortion clinic are all good measures, especially when accompanied by prayer and fasting. Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament, accompanied by fervent family prayer of the Rosary, is the best way to protect innocent life. We must remember that the Blessed Mother is the one who changed the hearts of the evil human-sacrificing Aztec culture at Guadalupe. In the protoevangelium (see Gn 3:15) and in the Book of Revelation, the Blessed Mother is typified as battling with the devil to protect the child. It is the Blessed Mother who will crush the head of the ancient serpent, public enemy No. 1 of the human race. To attack the human race, he goes right to the source: the unborn child. With no children, there is no future.

There are other strategies that can be employed to end abortion, such as education, crisis-pregnancy centers and changes in the law.

It is a scandal that the majority of Catholics in the United States continue to vote for pro-abortion politicians. In other places and at other times, the canonical penalties of interdict, suspension and excommunication were employed with marvelous effect to change attitudes and behavior of the faithful. One wonders if it might not come to that again?

In the end, abortion has no future, and it cannot continue, or the human race will collapse. The generations that have failed to protect the unborn over the past 40 years will be rejected as the enemy of the young in the coming 40 years. The younger, depleted generation will be unable to carry the burden of caring for the older, feeble generation, and euthanasia of the elderly will be as common as abortion of the unborn is today. You reap what you sow.