Mass Readings: Isaiah 49:1–6/John 13:21–33,36–38

Judas in Heaven?

It bothers me that Judas Iscariot has such a bad rap. Even Dante has him being eternally devoured by Satan in the lowest circle of hell. Today’s Gospel informs us that Jesus knows Judas will betray Him and set in motion His arrest and crucifixion — and His Resurrection and our redemption. Jesus even says to Judas, “What you are going to do, do quickly” (Jn 13:27).

The Easter Vigil liturgy uses a felicitous phrase referring to Adam’s sin: happy fault. As diabolical as Adam’s sin was, without it the Second Person of the Trinity would not have become human in order to redeem us from Original Sin. Perhaps we could extend the same phrase, happy fault, to Judas and think of him repenting his grand betrayal at the moment of his death.

Prayer: Lord God, may even our sins lead to Your glorification.