Mass Readings: Matthew 21:1–11/Isaiah 50:4–7/Philippians 2:6–11/Matthew 26:14–27:66 or 27:11–54

Week of Contradictions

The most important week of the Church year begins today, culminating in the most important liturgy, the Easter Vigil, next Saturday night. What begins in joy, Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem to celebrate Passover, ends with His death, burial, and waiting for light to disperse the almost unbearable darkness. It’s a week that begins with an ominous joy and ends with bleak sadness that nevertheless hints at the possibility of redemption.

If you’re able to celebrate the liturgy this week, you’ll weep in deep sorrow and, next Saturday night, in great joy. It’s a wonder that so many who are able to participate survive this roller-coaster ride at the end of six weeks of Lent so that they can begin the seven weeks of Easter.

Prayer: Mary, Mother of Sorrows, accompany me on my journey this week.