Don't climb alone

Don't climb alone Reconnecting with old friends and loved ones gives us the opportunity to make new, ...

Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter Growing older can be a tough thing to swallow, but sometimes we must let others clear ...

Being pope past 80 not so rare in recent years

Being pope past 80 not so rare in recent years Pope Francis’ 80th birthday calls to mind tenures of his predecessors, emerging issue ...

Age of Wisdom

Age of Wisdom Elderly Catholics offer a wealth of perspective on life and faith

Faith and fulfillment during ‘Act III’

Faith and fulfillment during ‘Act III’ Growing older presents an opportunity to live life to the fullest through prayer and ...

Life’s long journey

Life’s long journey A walk through the mall during the holidays can reveal much about the benefits of ...

Relocating for elderly parents

Relocating for elderly parents In deciding to move or not, couples should consider financial circumstances

A Catholic perspective on aging trends Longtime population researcher sees need to let people have number of children they want

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