Available now: A Catholic update in your inbox

During the Triduum this year, I decided to take a break from social media. Well, from reading updates from friends and family, at least. One exception I did make was that I posted the beautiful infographics designed by our team here at Our Sunday Visitor — one each for Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. (Find them on Twitter @OSVNews or on Facebook at Our Sunday Visitor.)

I also tried to block out the news — something that’s not only rare and strange, but not especially helpful in my line of work. If I don’t know what’s going on in the Church and in the world, I am basically useless. The experiment, which was marginally successful, helped me focus more on what a special time of the year this was. It helped me stay centered on what really mattered. And it helped me relax a little and enjoy a beautiful weekend with family.

I was all the more grateful, then, for the flurry of emails I received Monday morning in my inbox updating me in trendy fashion on “the things I NEED to know today!” The succinct emails from a variety of news sources help catch me up quickly on what is happening around the country and the world and give me a starting point for exploring the most important stories more deeply.

In fact, those emails have become such a helpful resource that we wanted to provide one for those interested in updates on the Church. That’s why, earlier this year, the Our Sunday Visitor Newsweekly team launched “Your Catholic Update,” a weekly email that highlights the top 10 or so stories of the week. The content is delivered to your email in short, succinct paragraphs, giving you the most important information about all of the goings-on in the Church in one convenient package. We also include links to make sure you can access source material and read further, if you’d like, but the newsletter is designed to allow you to get everything you need to know in one place.

Your Catholic Update is sent out on Thursdays, so it offers a perfect mid-week assessment of the latest news. In short, it’s a mini OSV Newsweekly delivered to your inbox every week by the same Newsweekly team you trust to provide quality, award-winning news, analysis and catechetical content each week in print.

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For those interested in content on a daily basis, the OSV Newsweekly team also sends out a daily newsletter called “OSV News Now.” It provides up-to-date news about what’s happening in the Church that day, as well as content relevant to the current day in the life of the Church. This can mean profiles of a saint on his or her feast day, or other essential catechetical material. (For example, on the day after Easter, we included our “Newcomer’s Guide” to the Church for all the recently baptized.)

Both newsletters are terrific resources for information and formation. Be sure to sign up today at http://bit.ly/2boTrSD.