Pope Francis at daily Mass May 24 – On the journey of conversion

In his homily at daily Mass May 24 at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis discussed the journey to holiness as a path marked by courage, hope and reliance on God’s grace.

According to a report by Vatican Radio:

"Walk in the presence of God without reproach." That’s how Pope Francis says we can journey towards holiness.  During the Homily at Mass at Santa Marta Tuesday, the Pope said that for this commitment to succeed, Christians must be able to hope with courage, open themselves up to discussion, and freely welcome God's grace.

Holiness cannot be bought. Neither can it be earned by human strength. No, "the simple holiness of all Christians," "ours – the kind  we are called to every day," says the Pope, can only be attained with the help of four essential elements: courage, hope, grace, and conversion.

Taking the liturgical excerpt from the First Letter of St. Peter, which he called a "small treatise on holiness," Pope Francis said holiness means “to walk in the presence of God without reproach:"

"Holiness is a journey; holiness cannot be bought.  It can’t be sold. It cannot be given away. Holiness is a journey to God's presence that I must make: no one else can do it in my name. I can pray for someone to be holy, but he’s the one who has to work towards [holiness], not me. Walk in God's presence, in an impeccable way.”

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