You Can Share the Faith

HUNTINGTON, Indiana, March 10, 2016 –Many Catholics are reluctant to explain why they believe what they do. When questioned on their faith, they tend to feel cornered and unsure, even embarrassed.

Sharing reasons for belief, along with specific explanations for facets of it, calls for a special blend of attributes … friendliness, knowledge, conviction, prudence, and love of Christ.  With those in place, there can be far-reaching effects.  

Former atheist and convert to Catholicism, Karen Edmisten, details her own tumultuous journey from unbelief into Catholicism in her latest book, You Can Share the Faith: Reaching Out One Person at a Time (Our Sunday Visitor, 2016).  Describing a series of one-on-one encounters in a lively way, she shows how she was moved toward Christ degree by degree – not instantaneously – by friends and even strangers through their honest witness. 

“True conversion happens quietly,” says Edmisten.  Her book spotlights personal experiences in youth and professional years, marriage and motherhood, and as a new Catholic in periodic disillusionment with the imperfect ‘human factor’ of the Church on earth.

Catholics need to put themselves in the ‘seeker’s’ shoes, especially those of a convert, she says. “Imagine discovering that everything you’ve ever assumed, grew up with, thought you knew and believed….was wrong.  Or envision the dawning revelation that you must adopt an entirely new way of thinking and living. If it sounds hard, it is. We need compassion for those who are walking that path.”

You Can Share the Faith gives insight on many issues, such as facing Catholic teachings that seem difficult, relating to all kinds of people, and maintaining an awareness that one’s every word and action either underscores his faith or not.  It helps readers emerge with a modern toolkit for engaging non-believers as well as new Catholics convincingly.

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Karen Edmisten, a former atheist, is a convert to Catholicism and the author of several books, including Deathbed Conversions: Finding Faith at the Finish Line (Our Sunday Visitor) and After Miscarriage.  She has written for numerous periodicals and is a regular guest on Catholic radio.  She likewise blogs about faith, conversion, family and life at   


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