The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments This Lent, let us see God’s divine teaching not as mere dos and don’ts but as a way of ...

Editorial: Enduring simplicity

Editorial: Enduring simplicity God is largely forgotten by the culture, either through secularism or through a ...

Examining Your Conscience

Examining Your Conscience Consult the Ten Commandments before confession

On mortal sin

On mortal sin Grave sin is not a simple matter — we must consider the action, intent and ...

Ten Commandments for All?

Ten Commandments for All?

Hallowed be thy name

Hallowed be thy name Society must stop taking the Lord’s name in vain, which, as illustrated by TV, is all ...

Lord’s Name in Vain?

Lord’s Name in Vain?

Opening the Word: Love of God, neighbor

Opening the Word: Love of God, neighbor Given by Christ, the greatest commandment is a sign of his love for us, pointing us ...

Maintaining order

Maintaining order The Ten Commandments, which aren’t numbered in the Bible, vary in sequence for ...

Is Abortion Condemned?

Is Abortion Condemned?