Mass Readings: 2 Chronicles 24:17-25/Matthew 6:24-34

Serve God Alone

The many fascinations of contemporary life are constantly competing for our attention. People, ideas, but especially the material world, draw our attention and — if we aren’t careful — our service and loyalty. Today’s readings remind us that our service and loyalty must always be centered on God. The failures of the kings of ancient Israel to serve God alone led to the destruction of that nation; failure for the Kings of Judah led to the infamous Babylonian Exile. And Jesus is very clear in the Gospel that we can’t serve two masters.

We have to make a choice: will we serve the world and all its allurements or will we choose God? While the answer is obvious, having the courage to follow the Lord and serve Him is challenging. Every day.

Prayer: God our Father, grant me the strength and courage to serve You alone.