Mass Readings: Acts 11:19-26/John 10:22-30

Silent Messages

I grew up with a picture of Mary over my bed. There she was every day: Our Lady of Fatima gazing down in gentleness on three shepherd children — and me. I believe that childhood picture drew me closer to Mary and to God. Today our home includes a variety of religious decor: a small Nativity scene from Bolivia; a crucifix in a hallway; an icon of Jesus and Mary in my office; a monk on a ceramic tile in our kitchen; Bibles on bookshelves. These remind our family of God’s presence while wordlessly speaking to visitors about what, and Whom, we love.

Messages conveyed by religious art can reach beyond churches into our own homes. What kind of decor do you have in your home that speaks to you — and others — of God?

Prayer: Creator God, thank You for revealing Yourself through beauty, including the beauty of artwork.