What blog, website or other resource would you recommend to your brother priests?

“I check out Crux [CruxNow.com] because it gives regular reports on what is happening in the Church throughout the world. It keeps me informed about Pope Francis and the Vatican, as well as the Church in the United States. The articles are usually brief and to the point. They contain the news and also the commentary of the authors.

Father Patrick McDermott, Tacoma, Washington

Universalis [Universalis.com], for a fine translation of the Liturgy of the Hours, as well as useful information on the liturgy, feasts and saints for the day.”

Father John Riley, Portland, Oregon

“The Vatican website [Vatican.va] and Zenit [Zenit.org]. These help me keep a lively sense of connection with the universal Church.”

Father Warren Tanghe, Ellicott City, Maryland

“Whispers in the Loggia [WhispersInTheLoggia.blogspot.com]. Updated news and even the whole documents before they come out from standard sources. A little gossipy at times, but sometimes some insider speculation can be a help.”

Father John Keller, Houston

“I have found myself on many ocassions sharing the good and very interesting articles in The Priest magazine [ThePriest.com], not only about my ministry as a priest, but about many topics that are good and interesting for parishioners. On different occasions people ask me where I have gotten the information I’ve shared from articles on health, preaching, deacons and Catholic news, and I’m always telling them that I had read it in The Priest magazine.

Father Oscar Diaz, Ukiah, California