Mass Readings: Ezekiel 1:2-5,24-28c/Matthew 17:22-27

Joyous Poverty

One of the “brightest” spots in my life is our daughter, Emily Clare. We named her Clare because my wife and I both worked with the Franciscans when she was born. Our Emily Clare brings us light—which is what the word Clare means.

When St. Clare was 18 years old, she heard St. Francis preaching. This inspired her to run away from home and live a life of “joyous poverty” in imitation of Christ and, of course, Francis. Over the years everyone from her father to several bishops to the pope himself tried to get Clare to loosen up a bit her vow of radical poverty. Despite poor heath, she persevered in her austere practices, as did her followers. All for Jesus. It was so clear to her.

Prayer: St. Clare, may your light show us the way to Christ.